Clear Chakra Blockage
& Align Your Chakras

With Chakra Healing Therapy

By Jon Terrell, MA, LMT

chakra aligning

Chakras are life energy centers within your body which, when purified and aligned, bring balance, ease and well being. They are sometimes called "energy centers."

Chakra Healing Therapy is an approach to clearing chakra blockage so that they function fully in your life. This approach includes both guided meditation and hands-on work. See Chakra Balancing Massage page for more on the hands-on bodywork.

We teach specific energy awareness practices to cleanse, purify and align your chakras. This light-energy meditation, sometimes called Agni Yoga Meditation, is a highly effective step-by-step approach to healing and awakening that has numerous benefits by itself. When combined with bodywork it is even more effective.

What Is A Chakra Blockage?
When your chakras are blocked your life energy is obstructed. Each chakra has a different purpose:

  • Difficulty thinking, planning and understanding can related to a block in your head chakra
  • Relationship difficulties may relate to a chakra blockage in your heart center
  • Health problems can be related to blockages in your heart, solar plexus or pelvic chakra
  • Communication problems may be tied into blocks in your solar plexus center
  • Sexual issues can be related to blocks in the lower chakras
  • Depression and negativity is often related to a blocked crown center
  • Spiritual conflict can be related to obstructions in the crown

Body Scan
I start my work with new clients by doing a body scan. I ask each client to stand facing me from across the room while I let my eyes relax into an energy seeing mode. Then I report what I see in a person’s body, energy chakras and energy field (aura). This extended perception was developed over years of practicing Agni Yoga Meditation.

Obstructions to the flow of life energy in an energy center is a chakra blockage, but life energy blocks can be anywhere. I find many folks have blocks in their pelvis and legs, keeping them from fully being connected to the earth and grounding.

Some folks have blocks in their neck and shoulders, which relates to heavy issues they are carrying around in their lives.

Other folks have more blocks on their left sides, obstructing their ability to receive from people and the world in general. Still others have more blocks on their right sides, reducing their ability to express themselves. Each area of the body, like each chakra, is related to specific issues.

Align Your Chakras
The energy centers of your body are designed to work together in an effortless fashion. Conflict between them are common. Here are some examples:
  • When you brain (head) says one thing and your heart another
  • When your heart says yes and your pelvis says no or visa versa
  • When you can’t “stomach” something someone does or says
  • When your brain is calm but your body is on high alert

In my work with clients chakra alignment is a core part of most sessions. I ask clients to use the light-energy meditation technique I have taught them to focus into their body and energy centers while I bring pure life energy through my hands into each chakra in sequence, from bottom up or top down. In this part, my hands are anywhere from 3 to 20 inches away from the body.

For more on chakras go to Understanding and Awakening Chakras.

Working With Chakras
There are several ways you can improve you chakras. Although books often disagree with the location, size, number and purpose of them, some offer guided imagery meditations that can be of some value.

The best source to learn how to cleanse and align your energy centers through meditation is a teacher like myself who has spent years practicing and teaching light energy meditations. The School of Actualism is the primary source for these meditations, and I can provide you with referral information if you contact me. I and other teachers are also available via the telephone or Skype if you are not close to them.

One-on-one work with a live teacher is by far the best approach, as they can amplify your experience as you learn it. Learning from a book or recording is less effective. but can be useful. For an experience of inner light meditation go to Heart Center Meditation.

Learning to clear chakra blockages and align your chakras can have numerous benefits in your life. You'll learn to connect with your own healing resources within yourself.

To Learn More About Chakra Healing Therapy
Contact me with any questions you have or to set up an appointment for Chakra Healing Therapy. I have a practice in New York City and western Massachusetts and I work long distance via the telephone and Skype. To call me now:

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