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What is Energy Therapy?
Energy Therapy is a comprehensive approach to healing that includes body, mind and the spiritual dimensions of self as interacting energy systems. Physical and psychological discomfort or pain is seen as energy blockages. Healing occurs as these blockages are released or transformed.

Health, from an energy perspective, is the free flow of balanced life-energy.

But it is much more than just energy healing. Energy, when seen with our eyes, is light. And Inner Light, seen within, is the core experience of awakening. We "See the Light." Saints and mystics have talked about experiences with Light, and sometimes Light-Fire, since ancient times. From Moses to Saint Paul to modern figures like Bill Wilson who started AA, an experience of Light totally changed their lives and through them, ours.

So Energy Therapy, in my work, has two main aspects. One, it's about healing, by clearing out blockages to the free flow of life energy. And two, it's abpit awakening, with experiential training in Inner Light-Fire.

Energy Therapy is accomplished in three steps. First, is an assessment of where a client has blockages. I do this by just looking at the client and reporting what I see. Over the years of teaching energy meditation and bodywork, I have gradually developed this ability to see not only physical blocks, such as one arm being shorter than the other because of muscle tension in the shoulder, but energy blocks as well.

Blockages in the pelvis and legs can cause us to feel ungrounded and unable to accomplish what we need to in the world. Blockages in the heart area relate to our ability to give and receive love. Blocks in the head or neck can interfere with our ability to make decisions and carry them out. These are a few examples.

Second, we teach clients how to connect with pure, powerful healing energy that can clear out these obstructions. Called The Star Experience, or Inner Light mediation, these are easy to learn but very profound "tools" for deep healing and awakening.

Third, we work with clients on a body table. Together we free up the areas that are blocked so the natural free-flow of life energy returns. As a client you focus your attention and the meditation energy into each area of your body. I work at the same time from the outside in, placing my hands and focusing the energy therapy into your body.

Physical, Emotional and Mental Healing
The guided Inner Light Meditations help clients connect with pure sources of life energy within themselves to help free energy blocks at all levels. Subtle energy healing techniques and deep tissue work release the blockages and restore balance.

In between sessions clients practice the meditations to continue and accelerate the work. Some clients choose to learn additional guided Inner Light Meditations to focus on specific issues and accelerate the healing process.

How To Learn Energy Healing
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