You Can Learn How To Channel Healing Light

Would you like to learn how to practice Light healing, taping into the power of Inner Light within yourself? And would you like to be able to bring that Light into your body and mind for personal Awakening?

We all have a dream within us to be able to work with healing light, inspired by stories and teachers such as:
-Yoda in Star Wars teaching about "The Force" within each of us…that we are all beings of amazing Light
-Harry Potter's learning to use his powers for good
-Stories of King Arthur and Merlin working with light and energy

And throughout history there are examples of great spiritual teachers healing with touch, prayers and blessings. Many have spoken of experiencing this great Light, often associated with fire and energy. And artists have depicted this healing light glowing from above and around the head and body of masters, gurus and saints. Is there a way to increase our Light so we can truly shine, radiating light, love and healing?


I've learned a path to do just that. And you can too!

Over the last 35 years I have taught hundreds of people how to connect within and channel the power of healing Light Energy for:

  • Personal awakening and spiritual growth
  • Healing self and others
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Daily life management

Start With Yourself

The initial part of training in Light healing is to practice using the power of your mind to enlighten your awareness and connect with the divine light within yourself. As you learn to do this, your mind becomes clearer and more in tune with the Presence within you that is the source of all healing.

The Light within us is our divine nature, our essential unique Self. At our essence we are Beings of Light.

You learn how to free your awareness from old unproductive patterns of thinking and feeling, from fixed ways of seeing yourself, others and the world.
If you have reached this page fro the
previous pages of the Skills of Energy Healing and Awakening, you have already begun the process of understanding the nature of awareness and how to enlighten your awareness. This prepares you to effectively experience and express healing Light. If not, I recommend you check out those pages now.

As your awareness is freed you can begin to work directly to tap into and direct Inner Light or Life Energy. You recognize the great truth of "Awareness directs thought," i.e., what you are aware of you begin to think about, If you are aware of negativity, your thoughts can easily amplify it. And if you are aware of joy and love, you think about and amplify that. Our thoughts are powerful amplifiers of our experience.

Another great truth is that "Thought directs energy." So as we think about things our life energy is directed towards them. We use this principle in our guided meditations, which are a step-by-step process of healing and awakening.

Gradually, you develop greater ability to tap into and channel inner healing Light through you body-mind. You'll feel lighter, freer, more aware and present. You'll feel the support of your higher self and your intuition opens up.

But, this path, the path of Light, takes time and focus. It's a path of gradual awakening. You gradually free your awareness from fixed states and gradually deepen your experience and expression of the Light. For me that's the safest and most grounded method of healing and awakening. It's also wondrous, thrilling and exhilarating at times as you clear out old baggage and discover depths of beauty, love and wisdom. And you may find that's true for you, too.

The Energies Of Life

As you continue your training, you learn to work with the whole spectrum of inner Light. Just like the light of the sun, when passed through a prism becomes a rainbow of color, so your own divine Presence expresses a rainbow of Light. These are divine qualities of life that are often, without training, expressed by our personalities in a limited or distorted fashion. As we touch into their purity we discover for ourselves their power and truth.

As you learn to work with each color, each energy, you expand your focus into every area of life and living. The Light healing spectrum within includes life energies for:
  • Bringing purify to all aspects of yourself, your body and mind
  • Transforming negative attitudes, feelings and perspectives
  • Protecting your body and mind
  • Healing relationships of all kinds
  • Increasing Insight, clarity of mind and intuition
  • Enhancing creative expression
  • Many Many more…the whole spectrum of life!

Work With Others

Even as you are just starting out, you also learn how to connect with others as divine Beings of Light and support others with healing Light. While you can learn much of this work at a distance, through Skype and phone classes (see below for more information), we offer yearly workshops where Lightworkers from all over get together and learn hands-on Light healing techniques.

Getting Started With Healing Light

This work is best done by working with a teacher who has been specifically trained to amplify the power of Light. It's just easier to experience the healing light when you have that support. This can be done in person or at a distance.

Ideally, students can schedule a Light
healing session with me to be more receptive to the healing light.

If you want to start right now, without the help of a teacher, you can try
a written guided meditation or an audio healing light experience. This guided meditation, called The White Star, is best done after the previous two, The Upper Room and Gathering and Enlightening Awareness, although I touch into those briefly.