What Are Chakras?

Chakras are life-energy and consciousness focal points located within our bodies. Each chakra is different in its expression, depending on where in the body it is located.

Doorways Into The Divine

Each chakra is a doorway into an aspect of your true nature as a spiritual being of Light and Love. Each of these doorways offer a glimpse into your divine self and an opportunity to express more of yourself into this world. Here are some examples:

The Crown chakra, floated at the top of your head, is a doorway into the aspect of your Self that transforms, uplifts and frees. If you are caught up in a negative state of consciousness working here can free you. If you are in a stuck mood, depressed or irritable, cleansing your Crown Center would allow you to life out of that state.

The Wisdom chakra, located in the center of the head, is a gateway into the clarity of mind, insight and understanding as it connects you with the Big Mind of your true Self.

The Heart Center Chakra, located in mid chest, is where you can access the Healer Within aspect of the divine.

Places To Stand

Each chakra is a place to go to where you can experience and express a specific, unique state of consciousness. For example
The Crown chakra is a place to experience the consciousness of transformation. When you find yourself stuck in a fixed perspective about a problem, you can focus here to allow yourself to shift out of that perspective.

Source For Pure Life Energy

Another feature of chakras is that they are sources for specific types of Life Energy which can be experienced in a variety of ways such as color, tone or vibration . As part of our training, we introduce you to these different Life Energies and teach you how they work. Your job is to get to know them and find out how they work for you.

Where Are The Chakras Located?

Different systems give different locations! We teach the locations as along a vertical axis that runs in the center of your body, from way above your head to way below your feet. This axis is sometimes called a vessel, or tube or rod or sometimes depicted as a trunk of a tree.

How Many Chakras Are There?

Again, it varies by system. We start our training journey focusing on 7 main body chakras, but gradually introduce more.

Why Work With Chakras?

Most peoples chakras are not functioning any where near their potential. They are hard to experience because their vibratory rate is low and not really different from the rest of our body. They are vibrating at the frequency of our thoughts and feelings. To function more effectively they need to be purified. This can be done through prayer, affirmations and specific techniques. Our approach is to teach you tools of life energy for purifying your chakras so they function more and more as they were designed. You learn to lift their vibratory rate through a step-by-step process of meditation like techniques.

To Learn More

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