Understanding Awareness
For Energy Healing and Awakening

By Jon Terrell, M.A., L.M.T.

We take our awareness of the world, each other, and ourselves for granted. But a closer look at the nature of awareness reveals that it is an essential part of us and an extraordinary gift. We are aware of ourselves and the world, and without awareness we are nothing. But what is the nature of this gift, our awareness?

To work effectively as an energy healer, and to grow as a human being, it is very helpful to master several awareness skills, especially the skill of
enlightening awareness. More on that later.

As you "pay attention" to your awareness, or in other words, become
aware of awareness, its secrets slowly begin to reveal themselves.

You may begin to notice that both the quality and quantity of your awareness varies throughout the day.

Quantity Of Awareness
Sometimes we have just a little bit of awareness...like when we just get up in the morning and are shifting from our inner world of dreams to the outside “real” world.

And there are moments in life when we have gathered a lot of awareness...and seem to be aware of everything. Great!

Most of the time we are not aware of these changes in the quantity of awareness. But, if you “pay attention” you will find that the
quantity of awareness varies throughout your day. Sometimes we have more awareness of ourselves and the world around us, and sometimes less..

Quality Of Awareness
quality of our awareness also varies from moment to moment. Sometimes we are caught up in negativity or uncomfortable emotions, and are trapped in them. We can't escape!. At other times our awareness is flexible and free. At these moments we are open to joy and love, and if we experience an uncomfortable emotion we are less likely to get caught up in it.

In The Star Experience, the name I have given to this methodology, I will use specific language designed to help you understand and grow in awareness, life energy perception, and healing. Some of this language was developed by Russell Paul Schofield, one of my teachers. Following his usage, I refer to Low quality awareness as
low frequency and high quality awareness as high frequency. This begins to get across the idea of a spectrum of frequency or vibration from low to high quality.

The characteristics of high quality/high frequency awareness are flexibility, and freedom. In high frequency awareness we are not attached or identified with what we see and feel and even think. We can experience uncomfortable thoughts or feelings without being trapped in them.

Mystics and awakened masters often can live in this high frequency awareness, and it is sometimes called Enlightened Awareness. Because they are not caught in any specific state of consciousness they are free. Awakening is the process of becoming free, free to choose to stand in and live in love and in light.

Now many enlightenment experiences that masters, teachers and healers have had have been temporary. This is because they rose in awareness into a peak experience, but soon tumbled back to a more ordinary consciousness. They may have arrived there through inner work, spiritual practice like fasting that altered consciousness, or other means.

To make the experience longer lasting, to stay at the peaks more and more we need to do the work of transforming our body and mind. We'll do that later on as we talk about the relationship between awareness and life energy.

The guided meditation that you can listen to in a few moments is called
The Upper Room. In it you will move to a "high place" within yourself and experience a lifting and gathering of your awareness as you make contact with the divine Presence within yourself. That work will prepare you for the next step, which is a future meditation. The first skill is to learn to connect with Presence and this higher state of consciousness with your awareness.

Upper Room Meditation To get this most out of this guided experience, find a place where you will not be disturbed for a few minutes. It is best to sit in a chair, with your spine straight and your feet and arms uncrossed. You can place your hands on your legs or somewhere comfortable. When you are ready, play the recording:
The Upper Room-Star Exp#1

Let me know how this experience was for you…was it difficult? what did you experience about Presence? Leave your
comments here

When you are ready, go to Focused, Scattered and Diffused Awareness.


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Awareness Part Two.