Distance Energy Healing

Long Distance Energy Healing--Energy Therapy for those who live away from where I regularly work. This is a form of spiritual healing and training where w connect as divine Beings of Light and Love for the purpose of healing and spiritual awakening. You will learn spiritual healing techniques to use on your own and well as receive distance energy healing.

While not a substitute for hands-on sessions, remote healing can benefit the following situations. 60 and 75 minute distant healing appointments are available.

  • Feeling Stressed/Under Attack/Bombarded By Others
  • Feeling Ungrounded/Spacey
  • Caught Up In Uncomfortable Emotions
  • Relationship Conflict

See the Specific Sessions available below

How can you work with me?
You contact me and we set up a time for a short phone conversation at which we discuss your issue and schedule the distance work. For some sessions I provide you with written instructions to follow during the energy healing session. I recommend a 60 minute initial session as noted below.

Distance healing includes the whole person, body, emotions, mind, and the spiritual or non-physical parts of ourselves.

Long distance work can provide relief from many issues. See the descriptions below for the types of sessions I offer.

Distance spiritual healing is a gentle, supportive way of balancing and aligning all the parts of yourself. My work helps people move towards wholeness.

The world, both inside of you and outside, consists of interacting energy systems. Some of the energy systems within our body are the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, immune and nervous systems. Highly focused awareness can direct pure life energy into these systems and clear out blocks to optimal functioning.

60 minutes-$125 -Recommended for first time
75 minutes-$140

Emotional Stabilizing and Balancing Sessions
Sometimes we just need help steadying ourselves in this crazy world. In this long distance session, I help you come to center, and regain focus and grounding. Especially useful if  you find yourself caught up in your emotions...fear, anxiety, sadness, irritation.

I use a variety of tools and techniques from my training. I have 35 years experience as a senior trainer in Inner Light-Fire energy and awareness work. We connect as Beings of Light and then I focus with enlightened awareness in your body-mind on our union as Beings of Light. I use specific spiritual healing techniques of inner light-fire to clear out blocks to grounding and present moment awareness. This session can often bring rapid relief.

Distance Energy Healing
For help with a particular problem (mental, emotional or physical) I can help you connect with the Healer Within yourself and bring pure life energy into a particular issue or area. In addition to the Inner Light-Fire tools,  I am experienced in working with a variety of powerful Eastern and Western techniques that people have found valuable.

Distance Relationship Healing/Freeing
For help with interpersonal relationship problems where communication is stuck or challenging. This session is also appropriate for situations where you experience being attacked or caught up in destructive pattern with someone from the past or present.

Inner Light-Fire Training (Agni Yoga Meditation)
For people interested in accelerating personal healing and in working with others, I offer training in the tools and techniques of working with the spectrum of life energies that make up life and consciousness. For an introduction to this work, go to this Agni Yoga Meditation page.

Inner Light-Fire Clearing Techniques
I offer several unique sessions based on years of experience as a teacher/healer.

Jon Terrell combines emotional healing retreats, psychotherapy and spiritual healing in his practice. He also offers Massage, Bodywork and Energy Healing at the Inner Light Center in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts (serving the Pioneer Valley) and in New York City. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, reach him through the contact form.

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