Experience The Healing Touch Of White Light Reiki

Reiki is a type of healing touch performed on a massage table. It, like other forms of energy healing, can bring you to a state of deep relaxation, provide pain relief and lift your consciousness out of negativity and limitations. And it can provide some surprising additional benefits such as improving your self esteem, communication and relationships. I offer a unique combination of Reiki, White Light meditations and Life Energy Assessment to accelerate personal healing and awakening.

I was trained in Reiki after many years of practicing and teaching energy healing. What makes my approach to Reiki unique:

  • 30+ years experience with hundreds of clients focusing on hands-on energy healing
  • The Life Energy Assessment where I use my ability to see energy to report to you where your energy is blocked in your body, chakras and energy field
  • White Light Reiki Meditation-A powerful way to use your mind to cleanse your body and mind on the inside as I work with Reiki healing touch from outside in.

What Is Reiki

It is a form of spiritual energy healing from Japan which came to the West in the 1930s, It has grown in popularity over the past few years. There are numerous schools of training. Reiki is one type of life energy transmission. Others include Healing Touch, and Therapeutic Touch.

Benefits Of The STAR Experience Reiki

  • pain relief
  • ease
  • a sense of balance
  • relaxation and stress release
  • openness to life
  • feeling centered and empowered
  • clearer, improved communication
  • healing relationship issues
  • clarity of mind

Reiki and Physical Healing

There are many studies that show the physical benefits of relaxation. These include improved functioning of our immune, digestive, cardiovascular and endocrine systems. In my view, these are all energy systems of the body and working with healing energy can only support their natural functioning.

How It Works

I offer several options for clients. Reiki is available by itself for 45 minute and 1 hour sessions.

A Life Energy Assessment

can be added. Here I use my extended perception to look at your body, chakras (energy centers) and energy field to help you evaluate where your life force is blocked or limited so we can free those areas.

White Light Training

is a guided process, a meditation exercise where you learn to connect with pure life energy within yourself and bring it through your body to free blockages and awaken your body and mind. We then work together using the white light and Reiki or other healing touch techniques.

Distance Healing and Reiki

For people who cannot travel to see me I offer energy healing, including Reiki at a distance. The way it works is I send you a guided white light meditation which you listen to while I send healing white light to you. Long distance Reiki healing sessions take about an hour.

Chakras/Energy Centers and Reiki. I’ve written about my work with balancing chakras here.