About Jon Terrell

Jon Terrell

Jon Terrell, MA, LMT,  has been an energy healer for over 35 years. His expertise is in helping people to awaken to the healing power of love within themselves and in their relationships. He works with people seeking healing and awakening.

A gifted intuitive and seasoned professional, Jon is trained as an energy healer, psychotherapist and meditation teacher. He is also an ordained minister who helps individuals and groups experience the radiant Presence of spirit in daily living.

Jon offers a different kind of healing which integrates years of professional training and direct personal experience. His early childhood experiences began a journey of discovery into Inner Light, energy and emotional healing and embodied spirituality.

When Jon was 5, he entered a deeply healing state of consciousness for the first time. He was playing with a wooden ruler when the light of the sun reflected off the ruler into his eyes. The flashes of light soon carried him into an imaginal world of energy and new possibilities. Years later he discovered that this was the same world that shamans, yogis, energy healers and spiritual teachers have often referred to. Jon began spending time each day exploring these experiences of inner light and inner journeys.

Energy Healing and Meditation

Years later, when was twenty, he began studying at the School of Actualism which had an extensive training program  of awakening to Inner Light-Fire. This program helped him clarify his early experiences.  Founded by Russell Paul Schofield, the school taught Inner Light-Fire Meditation which Dr. Schofield called Agni Yoga. Schofield was a clairvoyant teacher and healer who could see life energy as it moved through the body. 

Jon studied and taught this form of meditation and performed energy healing for 18 years with the School, the last 3 of which he was president of the school. Jon received ordination as an interfaith minister and was certified as a senior meditation teacher as well as energy healer. Jon directed Actualism’s Energy Healing Bodywork program for many years. He also directed one of the first wellness centers in the US. It included eastern and western medicine, massage, energy healing, counseling and meditation instruction.

During this period Jon studying with masters of energy healing in the US and abroad. Jon received additional training in CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger), Touch for Health, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Core Energetics and Energy Healing. He is certified as a Somatic Therapist by ABMP and is licensed as a Massage Therapist in Massachusetts and Colorado.

Jon has a wellness focused website with pages on Meditation, Emotional Healing Retreats, and Counseling.

Education in Counseling with a focus on Process Therapy

Jon's academic education includes traditional psychology, psychotherapy and spiritual psychology.

He has a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He holds a CAGS (post masters degree) in  Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts.

He has receive training in Psychosynthesis, Holotrophic Breathwork, Jungian psychology, Core Energetics, Grief work, and Gestalt Therapy.

Jon studied with Carol Jud at the Institute for Process Therapy in New Haven and then completed a 6 month internship at Shalom Mountain Retreat and Study Center in the Catskills. At this center he attended hundreds of hours of additional training in deep emotional healing, sexuality, couples counseling and spiritual psychology.

Jon is a faculty member at Shalom Mountain Retreat Center and the Omega Institute.

Where To Find Me.

Jon leads 3-5 day Shalom retreats and Grief and Loss retreats in California, New York and Massachusetts.

His practice is in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts and in downtown Manhattan in New York City. To ask Jon Terrell a question or for more information, send him an email via contact tab.

Jon Terrell, M.A., L.M.T.
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