The Three Types of Awareness

A valuable way to explore awareness is to see it as having three components or types.

Each type has a primary location. Each type of awareness can be focused or scattered or diffused, as well as the other characteristics described in the
previous sections.

And each type can be awakened, or,
as we put it before, enlightened! We'll being the process of enlightening awareness with a free guided meditation.

1. Knowing Awareness is awareness of ideas, thoughts and concepts. It is primarily focused in the brain and lungs although all parts of our body/mind have knowing awareness, to a degree. Even our cells have some knowing awareness of their role and purpose.

Many of us spend a good deal of our time in knowing awareness, in this world of ideas and thoughts and concepts. Unenlightened knowing awareness is when we are confused, or anxious/fearful, or just dull mentally. Enlightened knowing awareness, which you will get a taste of in the next audio meditation, is clear, focused knowing and understanding. We've all experienced moments of both unenlightened and enlightened awareness, perhaps even today!

Enlightened knowing awareness is deep knowing. With enlightened knowing awareness we have direct insight into situations without thought…we just get it.

2. Sensory Awareness is awareness of sensations and perceptions. It includes awareness of what comes through our five senses (images, sounds, smells, taste, touch). It also includes what we construct out of this sensory data, what we call perspectives or viewpoints.

Our nerves and sensory organs are the primary area of sensory awareness although all parts of our body/mind have sensory awareness.

When we say "That feels wonderful" after touching a fabric, or "That tastes delicious" after sampling something to eat, or "I love that song" after listing to a piece of music, we are talking about our sensory awareness experience.

Unenlightened sensory awareness could be when we are oblivious to sensory data ("What sound" What smell?), when it is distorted or scattered or mixed ("I'm not sure where I am." when you lose track of where you were driving to; "What was that you said?", etc.)

Enlightened sensory awareness is when your sensory data (from your eyes, ears, etc.) is clear, and when your perceptions are accurate and focused. When you are in enlightened sensory awareness you no longer get caught up in fixed perspectives, fixed ways of seeing or hearing.

You will start learning how to enlighten your sensory awareness in the next free guided audio meditation.

3. Emotional Awareness is awareness of emotions - joy, grief, anger, and so on. As with the other types of awareness, emotional awareness can be enlightened and unenlightened. For many of us, it is here where we need to do much of our work, because this is where most people are stuck. We get stuck in old feelings about ourselves and others and this blocks are ability to wake up and heal.

The areas of the body where we primarily experience and express emotions include the heart and circulatory system, the liver and the glandular systems. But, like with the other types of awareness, all parts of us have some emotional awareness.

When we are experiencing enlightened emotional awareness we can feel all our feelings and yet are not caught up in any one. We are not afraid of another's feelings. And our natural feeling state is joy.


A free guided meditation for Enlightening Awareness

The next meditation is one I do every day. It's called "Gathering and Enlightening Awareness." As you learn to gather and enlighten your awareness throughout your body/mind you will find that you will not only be less caught up in negativity but that you can free parts of yourself that have habitually been stuck in uncomfortable, low frequency thoughts, perceptions and emotions.

This meditation goes beyond just rising up into a higher state of consciousness, as the first one did. That is a good step, but we now ready our body and mind to be able to shift from fixed ideas, fixed perspectives and fixed emotional states and move towards wholeness. This is a big step towards awakening. Your whole creation will have the opportunity to experience divine Presence in a deeper way.

To have an experience the
Gathering and Enlightening Of Awareness I have created a free audio guided meditation which is 12 minutes in length. I recommend that you have experienced the Upper Room meditation first and then proceed to this next one, which you can access here: Gathering & Enlightening Awareness

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