Life Energy Clearing

    Most Popular Session!

    A Life Energy Clearing is a unique type of Energy Healing and Deep Structural work performed on a massage table. It combines Experience the healing power within you amplified by Hands of Light.

    Following a brief discussion of what you want to work on, I lead you in an Inner Light Meditation to access your healing resources. Then, we both focus on sending
    inner light-fire into your body to clear out blocks to wellness that keep you stuck in stressful patterns.

    Together we free you from the grips of
    the old story --those habitual patterns of thought, feeling and sensation that keep you locked into reaction and out of present moment awareness.

    During and after the session clients often experience a spaciousness and lightness, with an embodied sense of Presence and well being. Clients report releases from the effects of past injury and trauma as well as improved sleeping patterns, more  energy and freedom.

    After the first session Jon recommends a series of 6 sessions, each one including a new meditation technique that you practice between sessions at home. This extends the value of the work.

    The first session is 15 minutes longer than later sessions to allow for  the Life Energy Assessment (see below) and more discussion time.

    After the first session Life Energy Clearings can be combined with an additional focus:

    With Emotional Balancing

    Jon works on balancing the circulatory and glandular systems to release emotional turmoil and balance your emotional nature.

    With Enhancing Intuition, Clarity and Creativity

    Jon adds additional focus on the energy centers in the head and throat and arms. Often includes CranioSacral work.

    With Stepping into Life with Purpose and Power

    The focus goes to the lower energy centers and legs to help with grounding and aligning with the earth.

    With Immune Boost

    Jon focuses into the energy centers and systems that support Immune functioning, and includes the lymphatic pump technique.

    Life Energy Assessment

    This is offered in the first session and can be added to any future session. Would you like an objective evaluation of your life energy, your life force? Together we look at your body, energy centers (chakras) and energy field. We look at both the quality and quantity of your life energy.

    I'll help you assess how well you are grounding into the earth, which centers are strong and which ones are weaker, what you are holding and how much of the past is still unconsciously affecting you.  After the evaluation, I teach you a specific Inner Light-Fire Meditation to immediately begin to transform these issues.
    Transform your life energy, your aura, and transform your life!

    Jon Terrell offers Massage, Bodywork and Energy Healing in several locations. His main office is at the Inner Light Center in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts (serving the Pioneer Valley). He also sees clients in New York City. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, reach him through the contact form.

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