Reiki Energy Healing
In Downtown Northampton, Massachusetts

Reiki is a popular type of energy healing originally from Japan, but connected to more ancient techniques from India, Tibet and China.

Practitioners access life energy by connecting with their minds to inner symbols, and experiencing sensations of subtle vibration in their hands. They then channel that energy into and around clients' bodies. Hands are usually placed just above the body at specific positions and held for 3-5 minutes.

Life energy is said to run through energy pathways in the body, sometimes called meridians. These pathways energize organs and cells and support body functioning. Illness, is viewed as a disruption of the natural flow of life energy. As energy blockages are cleared, the resulting free flow of life energy restores balance, wellbeing and health.

Clients benefits include deep relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety and a sense of hope and wellbeing. Clients often report a sense of serenity after sessions.

What is Unique about STAR Energy Healing Reiki?

Our client satisfaction tools include:
--A Warm Welcome
--Energy Assessment
--A Nurturing Environment
--Customized Treatments For Every Client
--Guided Meditation
--Soothing Music (Optional)

Reiki and other forms of energy healing support your body's natural healing capacity at all levels--body, mind and spirit. It helps you body heal itself by balancing your life energy and adding more pure life energy to your systems. Studies show that it can speed up healing.

It can support the release of mental chatter, emotional pain and physical discomfort so you can feel more present and centered.

It can be of great support in reducing pain and relieving stress.

Clients have reported Reiki can help with addiction, symptoms of ADD, skin and digestive conditions, etc.

There are various schools of training, most of which teach three levels. Teachers are called Masters, a title that is given to those who have completed the third level.

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An Experience Of Energy Healing
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Schedule a Session
Jon Terrell offers Energy Healing, including Reiki, in our office in Northampton Massachusetts. We are located in the Fitzwilly's Building, on Main Street.
45, 60 and 75 minute sessions are available.


60 minutes for $125
75 minutes for $140 (includes life energy assessment)

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Jon Terrell, M.A., L.M.T.
Fitzwilly's Building
25 Main Street, Suite #342
Northampton, Massachusetts